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World Water Day

The World Water Day celebrated on the 22nd of March is the annual UN (United Nations) observance day to symbolize and remind us of the importance of Fresh Water. During this day its promoted the Sustainable Management of Fresh Water Resources and it’s a moment for all of us to reflect and create a conscience so we can establish measurements to solve this issue in our countries, cities and homes.

The UN and UNESCO play a very important role in this matter since UN published a document entitled the “Universal Declaration of Water Rights” in order to built an awareness amongst the population and world leaders towards a more ecological understanding and mindset to protect the water and by consequence our planet and UNESCO set 2013 as the year of International Cooperation for the Water.

Let’s respect the earth we live in, otherwise we will only realize the worth of water when it dries and no longer exists. Let’s be conscious in our daily use of water, we want you to be part of this special day here at SCOOP PORTUGAL where we want to help and show you how we can all make a change!


Let’s give water. Let’s give life.


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