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About Scoop

Our World

SCOOP is an export company, concentrating on the clothing industry, that stands out for its highly experienced and dedicated teams.

SCOOP is dedicated to sustaining a dynamic atmosphere through on-going education and cultivating versatile ways to embrace new challenges that enrich our industry knowledge and our range of products.




Sewing our future.

As sustainability becomes more important to the health of our planet, it will become critical that we find ways in which we can implement sustainability practices into all aspects of the manufacturing of textiles and finished apparel. Sustainability is the top priority for Scoop and a passion for me personally.

Mafalda Mota Pinto


Continuing our efforts to be an ethical manufacturer, impacting people and the planet, with a strong leadership driven by our passion for transparency, innovation and sustainability. Be a business with a purpose.

Quality and social responsibility policy

Scoop Trading is committed to compliance with the ISO 9001, standards aimed at the social responsibility, fulfillment and collaboration of all parts involved:

  • Ensuring the quality of all products and services;
  • Preserving the environment;
  • Providing superior health and safety conditions for all its employees.
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Code of conduct

We define the activities to implement and plan the process, resources, calendar, as well as deliveries and deadlines established to the success of the project.

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Through its innovating business strategy, SCOOP is committed to contribute to the sustainable development of society, our global community and all local areas where  it develops business activities. SCOOPs commitment to the environment is stated in our policy.


The social responsibility of companies is the voluntary concern about social and ambiental matters, hygiene and safety in their operations and their interaction with all the parts involved. Its about contributing, in a positive way, to the society and to manage the ambiental impacts of the company.

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Knowledge is at the core of wealth generation in developed societies and investigation is one of the pillars that contributes to this knowledge.  It is through innovation that we will foster knowledge and transform with economic solutions.

The Morals of our Family

be the best ...

  • Best customer for our suppliers:

    Best customer for our suppliers:

    • Win-Win Partnerships;
    • Compliance with Quality Standards and Deadlines;
    • Impeccable Business Ethics and Integrity;
    • Respect for all Cultures and Values;
    • Mutual Benefits.
  • Best supplier for our clients:

    Best supplier for our clients:

    • Customer First Approach;
    • Win-Win Partnerships;
    • Innovative Solutions and Value;
    • Superior Products;
    • Customer Loyalty;
    • Impeccable Business Ethics and Integrity.
  • Best organization for our collaborators:

    Best organization for our collaborators:

    • Mutual Respect;
    • Fair Wages and Benefits;
    • Collective Participation and Involvement;
    • Innovative and Creative Thinking;
    • Development of skills;
    • Foster a Successful Team Environment.
  • Best partner in the society

    Best partner in the society

    • Foster well being;
    • Model of Good Citizenship;
    • Provide Patronage;
    • Respect for Human Rights;
    • Promotion of a Safe and Healthy lifestyle;
    • Contribute to the Advancement of Community.
  • Best company for our partners

    Best company for our partners

    • Entrepreneurial Excellence;
    • Sustainable Profitability Models;
    • Profit Distribution;
    • Sustainable Growth.

Best in Innovation and Continuous Strive for Excellence:

Passion for sucess
Customer Satisfaction
Financial Stability
Concern and Care of the Planet
Mutally Beneficial Partnerships

... In a Constant Effort for the Passion of Winning

Past Partnerships


Mia Maria Leoni – Sweden


Polo Reebok para Michael Chang


Fardamento total em Consórcio – EXPO ‘98


Fardamento da equipa F1 Renault


Mudanças para as instalações de Famalicão


Cooperação Rossignol / Pucci


Cooperação Rossignol / Jean Castelbaljac


Projecto federação Italiana de SKI


Cooperação da Playbrave / Wimbledon


Certificação ISO9001 Qualidade


Uniformes da equipa Russa


Certificação SA8000 Responsabilidade Social


Cooperação New Era / NFL


Certificação de Inovação NP4457


Cooperação Footlocker / NBA


Joined United Nations Global Compact


Signed the pledge for business ambition 1.5ºC


Mystic Jacket equipped with Musgo Technology as well as NFC


Musgo @ Neonyt Fashion Show

What We Believe

Scoop is dedicated to social responsibility, our services are focused on transparency in the sustainability of our supply chain and the well being of our employees.
As a result of our commitment to excellence we have been awarded many certifications.


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