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UN recognizes Scoop’s good business practices

Scoop and TMG Automotive are the Portuguese representatives of the textile and clothing industry in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), a United Nations corporate citizenship initiative.

The UNGC is comprised of companies from around the world with proven expertise in the areas of human rights, labor practices, environmental protection and anti-corruption.

“The presence at the UNGC is reserved exclusively for companies with a curriculum in the fight for a fairer and more balanced society with a responsible ecological attitude. In Portugal, about 70 companies are members of this committee, “said a statement from the City Hall of Famalicão.

According to this statement, “this is a unique recognition and that strengthens the strategy taken by these two textile companies of Vila Nova de Famalicão.”

To be accepted, Scoop and TMG Automotive had to make a full description of their actions and show how they integrate the values ??of the United Nations, according to the municipality of Famalicão.

“We are committed to including UN principles in our strategy, our culture and our day-to-day business,” wrote Isabel Furtado, CEO of TMG Automotive, in her letter of candidacy addressed to António Guterres, Secretary- General of the United Nations.


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