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Since 1993 SCOOP has built its reputation as a strategic partner in the production of apparel for some of the world’s largest brands, standing out for its competence in the sportswear market.

Think global, act local

In response to market volatility, the constant challenges in the textile sector and mainly due to the negative impact of textile on our ecosystem, SCOOP is committed to follow the path of ethical and sustainable management in the supply chain.

Guided by this purpose we put in practice actions and measures of social responsibility, transparency and innovation. The SA8000 social certification is proof of this responsibility, which translates into positive impact on employees, partners and the community.

SCOOP believes in taking positive action to reduce its environmental impact. To this end, it has stepped up its efforts in recent years, adding ISO14001 environmental liability certification.

Innovation and sustainability

Since 2017, our strategy has changed. We are investing in two main areas: innovation and sustainability. This investment will give origin to the creation of new lines of products & services based on a D2C (Direct to Consumer) business model and new design proposals focused on upcyling of resouces and materials.

The commitment to innovation led to the creation of MUSGO – a jacket that incorporates active lighting technology, in addition to being made with ecological materials from natural fibers. It was designed to increase road safety for pedestrians, night runners and / or bicycle riders.

Scoop’s DNA implies a constant effort to build long lasting relations with customers, find new customers, develop new products and build new avenues for continuous improvement.

United Nations Global Compact

During 2017, to meet the needs and requirements of our customers, SCOOP integrated the Better Cotton Initiative, a sustainable and vertical approach to cotton production. The initiative encompasses the three basic pillars of sustainability – environment, social and economic – and aims to monitor the entire cotton production chain, ensuring good practices and tracking.

This self-assessment tool allows measuring the environmental impact in the different descriptors and identifying areas for improvement. The Higg index provides a holistic view of the sustainability performance of a product or company – an overview perspective, essential for progress to be made.

Since October 2018, the company has been part of the United Nations Global Compact, advocating the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals – Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production and Goal 13: Climate Change)


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