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Liberty day

In the late 70’s, more precisely on the 25th of April of 1974 there was a turning point for the Portuguese history and freedom, this revolution was called “Carnation Revolution” (Revolução dos Cravos) and seek to put an end to an authoritarian regime entitled Estado Novo.

The military officers gathered in Lisbon and all reunited decided they would end the dictatorship that Salazar installed in the country in 1933 and was at his command until ’68 and defined itself as a strict method to implement fear and go totally against human rights.

So, the Portuguese population joined the Armed Forces Movement and there was a big victory against the oppressors, and with this the institution of a democratic regime and a new Portuguese constitution in ’76 that put an end to a regime that lasted 48 years.

Its name “Carnation Revolution” came from the fact that almost no shots were fired and there was thrown as a form of celebration carnation flowers to the military heroes and these flowers were used in the soldier’s suits and in their gun muzzles as a symbol of peace.


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