Projeto 2020 Projeto 2020


Umbro has become a very influential brand in the sportswear industry, creating items such as equipments kits and shoes for football teams and also more exclusive collections for the FIFA WORLD CUP and SUMMER OLYMPICS.


Following the fashion trend of collaborations, always more embraced by brands, trying to reach different types of consumer, this is how UMBRO X CHRISTOPHER RAEBURN new collection was born and SCOOP was part of it. 

The collection is made by garments with an ecological factor that appeals to emotional memories related to the story of the english football. There was a big change in the original UMBRO sweater to something innovative, contemporary and ethically sourced modern sportswear. 

In the words of Christopher Raeburn, Umbro was a brand that he was born with and a brand that through the years became familiar so he wanted to keep the project very authentic. The collection needed to embrace the motto REMADE,REDUCED,RECYCLED but also represent a celebration of the incredible history of the English football. 




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