Projeto 2020 Projeto 2020

Time of the planet

Let’s dare the world to save the planet.

The Earth Hour Day is celebrated on the 30 of March and is one of the most important movements worldwide organized by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and celebrated annually to encourage and sensitize people to realize the damage of global warming and explain the need for climate change and its impact in our earth.

Across the world, governments, communities and people shut down all the lights for the period of + one hour to show their support to fight Global Warming and to make a change in their own countries amongst their families, friends and colleagues.

At SCOOP PORTUGAL we want to share with our people the importance of electricity and climate, how we should be more responsible and turn off each and every light that we don’t need to use, or that maybe we forgot to turn off when we left the house.

Join us for a moment of silence in the dark and let’s TURN THE LIGHTS OFF! To save our planet.


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