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Scoop’s CEO Mafalda Pinto speaks on inclusive wear at ESAP’s NURSID week

Scoop has recently had the honor of participating in ESAP’s annual NURSEID week. ESEP, School of Nursing of Porto, one of the most esteemed nursing schools in Portugal invited Scoop and specifically our CEO Mafalda Pinto to speak at the research conference.

NURSID week is an event integrated with CINTESIS and UNIESEP, aimed at providing students with a space for the sharing of knowledge, experience and innovation resulting from research. Mafalda closed the Innovation Challenges in Rehabilitation Nursing seminar with Famalicao town hall representatives Sofia Fernandes and Ricardo Sá. Challenges on an inclusive society was the theme of the final seminar of the stage. Scoop was chosen to educate students on the advances in technical garments allowing for improved quality of life and inclusion in society for rehabilitating patients. Mafalda spoke on technical wear for the medical community that scoop, along with other companies in the textile industry focused on innovation, can produce.


The research week showed a bright future for the students of this prestigious school and gave a glimpse into a more inclusive society built by cooperation with these future stars and current textile companies.

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