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SCOOP takes the gaya collection to texworld, in the United Stated of America.

Texworld takes place January 21-23, 2019 in New York, United States of America. SCOOP will be at Resource Row with GAYA, a sustainable collection based on stocks from the textile industry.

What is Texworld?

Texworld brings together textile buyers, R & D specialists, designers, traders and textile supply professionals from around the world. The fair is part of a wide range of events, the Texpertise Network, which takes place in cities such as Frankfurt, Paris, Shanghai and Moscow.

Due to the growth of importance of sustainability as a crucial pillar in the textile industry, Resource Row was created.

Resource Row is a value-added area for industry professionals seeking complementary services, including business development tools, sustainable and recycling solutions, trends and education in textiles materials.

The GAYA collection.

The GAYA collection is a sustainable way of creating fashion, from stocks in the textile industry. SCOOP believes that this is a way to reuse materials, with the intervention of fashion design.

SCOOP argues that this collection launches a new insight into the stocks of the textile industry, allowing the creation of new garments, reducing the impact on the environment.


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