Projeto 2020 Projeto 2020


Sourcing Magic was created by the UBM Fashion Group that believes in uniting the best talent of the industry + most dynamic shows to achieve the promise : bring together great brands and retailers in superbly merchandised shows, provide superior customer service and ultimately present end consumers with the best apparel, footwear, accessories and fashion products.

For us at SCOOP it was an honor to be at Magic for the second time around but this time displaying our own stand, our own products but mainly our new and innovative collection “I USED TO BE, NOW I AM” that focuses in the upcycling trend that textiles revolve around recently, recycling products and give these a new life and function.

In our stand we displayed a dress fully made of a skiwear coat material that featured our new collection philosophy that we should build a new more sustainable way of living and create this revolution through textiles to the world.



We wanted to draw people’s and brands attention to our way of doing things following “SEWING OUR FUTURE” has our approach to future customers or collaborations and opportunities. But most of all make sure people understand that there is no PLANET B and that it is through this quality of events such as MAGIC that we can reach the right people and make the right impact.

Everyone at Scoop would like to thank everyone that we met, everyone that gave a helping word and everyone that believed and understood what we are trying to achieve with this movement in our company and field of work. People such as @TheCelebritiesBoutique (IG) , @thespectkc & @freewayrich (IG) @iam_mercyp (IG) and @liv_couture (IG)  amongst others we want to thank you for passing through our booth at the sustainability display!

We met people sharing same passion, people that loved our products, people that care and for that reason we will continue developing our project I USED TO BE and NOW I AM into a new route for sustainable wear.


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