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Scoop in Fátima

Scoop is a family, it lives within an environment where each individual is important and determinant for the evolution of the whole and to maintain the respect and love for each other. So, we couldn’t be passive when the opportunity of such a special human being Pope Francis coming to our country appeared.  

The team felt the obligation to be where our holy father was, the father of us all, the Pope Francis that came to Portugal in the ceremony of the canonisation of the shepherds Jacinta and Francisco Marto that coincided with the celebration of the centenary of Fátima. 

At 6:00am of Friday the 12 , Scoop wore the beautiful shirts personalised for this day to go to Fátima Sanctuary, spend the day with the hopes of the sight of Pope Francis, stay the night in the circuit of prayer so that in the next day early in the morning we could see the mass celebrated by our holiness the Pope. It was an amazing opportunity and unique moment. The dream became real and left an emotion in the air that we cannot put into words to describe the feelings we felt. 

 A big thank you to all the team that was present! And see you next time …. 


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