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Scoop creates a biological garden for its employees

Last Friday, June 22, the Mayor of Famalicão Paulo Cunha visited the facilities of our company in order to promote the new innovative project of the company, a biological vegetable garden.


Scoop that already offers its 120 employees soup, bread, water and fruit in their meals, has decided to raise creativity in a social and educational challenge in order to improve the quality of the food it provides, by creating a totally biological garden , so it can make its own soup guaranteeing fresh and seasonal vegetables.

In the words of Mafalda Pinto the CEO of the company:

This idea was born  from a need of knowing what we eat, what is on our plate and know how to eat better, I think vegetables is common sense that should be in our daily diet and that’s why in the business of which I am responsible I want to know where our food comes from “…” In the future we want to promote to our collaborators that they will have a basket of vegetables directly from the garden and that they can take home at the end of the week, a healthier and organic food . And achieve the future goal of becoming a fully self-sustained company”

For the Mayor of Famalicão, this initiative should and deserves to be promoted and encourages not only the employees but also their families:

“The goal is also to make the vegetable garden available to the families of the employees, to create better food practices and to help with the limited budget that this families sometimes have. There is no doubt that this is the right way for our country to have a better economy”

In addition to vegetables this garden has herbs that can be used for teas or flavoured waters. The main objective now is to obtain the biological certifications and to continue to innovate and promote these projects with companies of the same sector in our country.


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