Projeto 2020 Projeto 2020

Scoop / 8Th European Conference on Protective Clothing

Protective clothing is nowadays a fundamental issue that deserves to be reflected on and taken in consideration since all of the components of this vests are strategically positioned and its concept is studied to transmit a higher level of security, comfort and of course technology.

Bigger ergonomics, comfort and protection are definitely the keywords that work as the foundation of these daily studies that do research in order to find ways of improving the life and jobs of the workers exposed to the most aggressive agents and environments. To make these equipments even more advanced and integrate technology in this industry is part of the aim that many Universities, Investigation & Research Centres as well as Companies like us share.

We at Scoop are totally connected with this thematics and presented a development on a vest designed for the civil protection employees and are sure we want to do much more to support such an important issue. This was an event full of opportunities to explore, learn, share and most of all network with other entities and renowned businesses, through a program filled with presentations, boards and sessions to discuss amongst other people their beliefs of what can be done in this cause and to reflect on how we should all help.

The conference also gave insight on integrated technology/smart textiles, safety of products, sustainability, regulatory policies and much more. The second day of the event was entirely dedicated to the fireman workers, where their needs and the safety and improvement of their clothes was discussed.



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