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Portugal, Fashion Capital of the World

In a recent article released by Forbes Magazine Portugal was named the next up and coming fashion capital of the world. The article highlights the key features making the fashion industry finally start to notice Portugal’s influence. But theres a key piece that seems to be understated.

What the Forbes article brings to light but does not elaborate on is the size of the Portuguese textile influence in Europe.

The Portuguese textile industry currently accounts for approx. €7,500 Million of the country’s turnover with an expected 11.6% growth in the next 4 years. Clients amount to 1,772,165 in Spain, 653,853 in France and  453,153, in Germany.

None the less Portugal has recently been thrusted into the fashion world, in part due to E-Commerce giants like Farfetch, the Modeling industry, This applies not only for E-commerce and Fashion Designers, Portuguese manufacturers experiencing demand from luxury apparel brands world wide and media exposure through events like “Moda Lisboa” and the local Vogue magazines.

Moda Lisboa founder, Eduarda Abbondanza argues, “The Portuguese market is very small, therefore it is essential that local brands build strong communication strategies focused on foreign markets. This will create further opportunities for growth, and allows them to showcase and sell their designs abroad.”

A frontrunner in revamping communications with the internatinal fashion industry is local Vogue Portugal. Vogues recent new creative direction was “met with rave reviews from the international fashion community.” according to Forbes contributor Declan Eytan.

The Fashion industry is just waiting for Portugal to propel itself into the limelight. With the help of the recent media efforts of Companies like Vogue, France and Italy will soon have to make room for the new fashion capital, Portugal.



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