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Pink October & Breast Cancer Awareness Month

During October we celebrated the Breast Cancer Awareness Month & National Breast Cancer Day (30/10).

Just like previous years, at SCOOP we embrace this cause and the campaign ONDA ROSA from the PORTUGUESE LEAGUE AGAINST CANCER.

During this month people usually show their commitment and support to this cause, which is part of everyone’s life by shedding a pink light, whether it is on public monuments or by using the pink bow symbol of this cause.

At SCOOP thanks to the creativity of our team of designers Bea (@thebcz) and Maria (mariiiajf) we got the coolest t-shirt specially designed for this month, so please don’t close your eyes to this cause!

In the photos below, Daniel Mota Pinto (Business Development and Strategy Director at SCOOP) proudly wearing the pink t-shirt!


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