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Our Christmas Dinner : SCOOP + ASAS

This year SCOOP decided to make something different, in a time of the year where we feel we need to give more and be more grateful, in a special time of the year when we feel loved and surrounded by kindness and warmth, many people can’t feel the same and have no one to turn to.

Well we thought about that and we decided to join ASAS – The Solidarity and Social Action Association of Santo Tirso that has been for many years building a home and protecting the most vulnerable groups in the community, especially children and young people, helping them to become fully capacitated and aware of their rights as citizens within a society.

It was an honor for our company to try to make this moment special for the children and young teenagers, in a moment where the world is so full of inequalities, injustice and people with basic needs, we felt the duty to give and help not only as a company but as people and it was magical.

Thank you to all the team at ASAS for your amazing work with these children and for creating/giving these people something to fight for and opportunity to live a full life.

Thank you for inviting us and letting us join you!


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