Projeto 2020 Projeto 2020

On the way to Tóquio 2020

Last Monday (March 12),  multiple universities, companies and sports organisations gathered for the ceremony of  Public Presentation of the Olympic and Paralympic Preparation Plans for Tokyo 2020  ,that was presented by the first minister of Portugal , António Costa in the Athletic Training Center of CAR of Jamor.

In this event, we could understand and have a better idea of what is being conceived in our country, in terms of technological innovation with the main goal of optimising the training and performance of our athletes and of course the high competition sports activity.  

 For our company it was a great pleasure to be part of such an important event and an opportunity to show our work and accomplishments in regards of innovation and Portuguese Textiles. 


Daniel Pinto – Business Development Director and Raquel Carvalho – Project Manager.

In this event there were also presented as mentioned before, the Public Presentation of the Olympic and Paralympic Preparation Plans for Tokyo 2020  ,by the Presidents of the Olympic and Paralympic Committee of Portugal, in the presence of the Minister of Education, responsible for the sports activities and events, Tiago Brandão Rodrigues, alongside with the State Secretary for Youth and Sports, João Paulo Rebelo.

We at Scoop took advantage of the event to show the kind product we have been developing to the Olympic games, more specifically SOCHI Olympic Games in Russia 2014, the vests for the Winter Olympic games 2018 in China and the various products we develop and produce for other sports brands. 



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