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This Monday arrived to the national market a technological jacket 100% Portuguese equipped with intelligent illumination with optical fibers, that is intended for those who walk or bike. It intends to reduce fatality rates with pedestrians, with 75% of cases occurring in the dark.


This innovative jacket, with intelligent lighting system with optical fibers produced by three Portuguese companies and baptized as MOSGO, is intended for lovers of sports, workers or even pilgrims. The company VIME together with the us at SCOOP and LAPA is responsible for this new concept.

It has a mobile application to use in your smartphone, which allows you to select the color, intensity and frequency of the flashing effect, either manually or using sensors in any mobile phone to trigger events in the lighting.


MUSGO’s intelligent lighting allows, for example, automatically send signals to a cyclist’s braking to surrounding drivers, automatically indicating to a walker or runner who has reached a certain geographic location or automatically notifying a worker who has passed a safety perimeter.

The jacket includes a number of other features, such as as a “healthy pocket” to insulate the body from the radiation emitted by the smartphone; a “folding tail” to prevent dirt on the clothes of those who ride a bicycle in the rain; silicone shoulder straps to increase the grip of bags and backpacks; ventilated pockets with bi-directional temperature-controlled fasteners, and a breathable, laser-cut panel.

MUSGO also presents itself as “environmentally friendly” since it is made “with a fabric incorporating charcoal particles obtained from recycled coconut shells.”

 The advantages of this fabric? “It does not wear out (it can be washed over 100 times without compromising its shape and structure), it does not crease, it dries 92% faster than cotton and significantly faster than other technical fibbers used in sportswear, it eliminates odours and blocks UV radiation.


Now we created along with Vime and Lapa a crowdfunding campaign to advance with the industrial production of this coats and reach a cost ratio that allows to put the product in the market at a competitive price. During the campaign, the coat will be available for about 250 euros, and this price is exclusive to donors.


This jacket is 100% made in Portugal and we want it to reach the North American, Canada, UK and North and Central European markets, where sunshine hours are reduced and, therefore, there is a greater demand for this type of clothing, for road safety.


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