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Maria Chuteira

Maria Chuteira (MC) is a brand that wants to distinguish itself in a universe as complex as the one of children’s fashion.

It all begins with its creator David, a 13-year-old who plays football and has a huge passion for Brazil and the happy spirit of Brazilians, he loves to travel with their family and spend time with friends always with the ball under their arms.

In one of his travels, the inspiration and need for a brand like this has arisen and since there is none of this in the country where he lives, Portugal, he wanted to create something new, fresh that would bring color but also revolutionise children’s fashion industry. This brand has nothing vulgar, from the giant prints on the t-shirts, to the diversity of techniques of making and of course the message that supports its idea.

MC is synonymous of joy, youth but also of the connection with the world that surrounds us, respect for the social and environmental problems that we all suffer today. For this, the brand relies on a philosophy  of “3 R’s”, where it is said that the old becomes the new.

Brand customers will be able to use their piece and return it as soon as it is no longer useful to them and in the same store will be returned and will have a discount voucher or the piece will be replaced by a new one. What is the innovative factor? Simple, the piece that is delivered will be deconstructed and from this same material will be born a new piece with a different design that in turn will be acquired by another person.

Maria Chuteira has well thought out its strategy of launching and so it awaits you in its store that will be online from the month of June on.

“We dribble for life, where the freedom and joy of street football gives color to the days of the boys born on the hill”

David Mota Pinto


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