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6 Tips for Your First Time at Sourcing at MAGIC

Sourcing at MAGIC is just around the corner and Scoop is here to help you make the most out of your trip to Las Vegas. Although it may seem like a daunting task, these tips will help you stand out and make the most out of Sourcing at MAGIC.Image result for sourcing at magic

1.Find out who will be Attending

Research who will be attending MAGIC and learn what they may be looking for in a company.  This will give you a better opportunity to tailor your pitches to a company and help better meet there needs.

2.Explore Your Environment

Although it may be tempting to stay at your booth most of the show waiting for the next prospect, don’t! Make sure you and your team take a little time out of your day to explore, connect and learn a little about how your favorite brands are made.

3. Schedule Meetings in Advance

If you are a buyer make sure you reach out to suppliers you think you would like to have an opportunity to work with before you get to the event. As a supplier do the same and invite buyers to schedule a meeting, this can ensure you meet with who you want to when your both at your best.

4. Attend After Hours Events

Attending after hours events and meeting up with prospects is an excellent way to socialize and get to know a little bit more about who you could be working with. Besides Las Vegas isn’t all work! MAGIC is hosting an “Official MAGIC Party” at Mandalay Bay, this is the perfect place to get started. See you there!MAGIC August Party

5.take leads notes

Jotting down what clients want and need in a supplier is key to providing a great service. Take note of what your clients need, its never to late to start recognizing and meeting there needs!

6. give away promotional material

The biggest reason we all go to MAGIC is to get our name and services out there. What better way is there to make a lasting impression then to hand out free material with your name and a little information or product sample? Giving away promotional items to prospects is a perfect way to keep them thinking about you long after they have left Vegas.

MAGIC only comes round twice a year, with these tips and a bit of preparation you and your team can stand out. Make sure to follow Scoops blog for more updates on Sourcing at MAGIC and sustainability in the textile industry.



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