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Communication workshop by PVH at Scoop

The group of brands PVH that represents Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and others, is an example of an incredible structure hen it comes to concepts like corporate responsibility and improvement of the work environment and communication between collaborators. At PVH, corporate responsibility (CR) is critical in how they conduct all stages of the business and operations and distribution chain.

Over the years, it has developed its program to adopt a more global way to manage its impact on people, the environment and communities. The PVH group has therefore decided to support those who are partners in the production of its brand and to help these partners evolve by creating procedures that have a positive impact on all the environments and actors that are part of the supply chain.

Create more positive environments, create alerts on how communication should be made to have a better impact, and also what forms and resources to use to interact with others contributing to a happier, more balanced environment and easier communication. PVH believes that this is giving attention to its partners that power is entirely focused on them so that they know that their development is in their hands, and that they become proactive and create sustainable systems and structures for this management.

It was with great pleasure and pride that we accepted the challenge of PVH to organize this training for its employees on communication in the workplace, a multidisciplinary team was selected and had the chance to learn from the presence of the client, the effectiveness of a dialogue between the worker and the administration and also knowledge about the tools that are available to all.

The day began with a presentation on general topics of this theme, followed by a moment of self-reflection on what should be improved in the existing communication inside the company and also the execution of practical exercises with organised groups that represented the management and the collaborators and they were testing their ability to work in functions that were not theirs and how their attitude would be to the challenge of doing their job well.

This day was also marked by the implementation of communication improvement plans in the company and an excellent moment of contact with the client and the supplier.


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